7 Things to Consider Before Joining the Gym

7 Things to Consider Before Joining the Gym

If your new year’s resolution is to get fitter and healthier, the next step is to hit the gym and start sweating it out. Only that, choosing the right gym is a complicated task and very crucial. While there are many things that go into selecting the right gym, one that motivates you to go often and burn those calories, here is a checklist that makes it easier for you to zero down on one.

  1. Gym Location

It is absolutely necessary that you have a health club/gym closer to your home or work (school/college). If you workout for one hour and your gym is on the other side of the city and totally out of the way, it might take another hour in commuting only. This ends up in people many a times dropping the idea of going to gym. If a gym is close by and you are pressed on time, even if you can squeeze in half an hour of workout time, it is sufficient because something is better than nothing.

  1. Hours of operation

Do you like working out early in the morning or post work at night? Make sure the gym is opened at the time that suits you the best. There are some gyms that are open 24 hours, while some are shut on weekends. Find out which gym works according to your timings and fits in your schedule.

  1. Trainers and staff

A fitness trainer can really help you stay motivated and reach your goals. Therefore, it is important that you check the qualifications, certifications and experience of the trainers at the gym. Talk to a few of them and see if they are courteous, amicable or snooty. You would not want to go to a gym where you do not get positive vibes from the trainer.

  1. Machinery and equipment

It is essential that the gym you are planning to enroll with has the equipment that you are most comfortable with. If you are into cardio, ensure there are enough treadmills, cross trainers and cycles. Also check if there are enough machines and weights required for arms, legs and core exercises.

  1. Hygiene

If you are cleanliness freak, hygiene is also a critical factor in choosing a gym. Check if the floor, machines and other equipment are clean. Peek into the locker room, steam, sauna and shower area to see if the flooring is clean of hair, dirt and other particles. Make sure there are enough towels/paper towels available to wipe off the machines after usage, and that the staff members encourage and practice the same.

  1. Take a trial class

Take a trial class at the gym you are interested in. Visit it at the time you’d mostly be going in to see how crowded it gets during that time, which trainers are there, and how well they are with assistance. Talk to other gym members and ask for their experience about the gym to have a better understanding.

  1. Workout variation

Many gyms these days offer variation in workouts on certain days. In order to make the workout more interesting and keep the members motivated, there are other workout forms that are practiced, such as Zumba, aerobics, boot camp, yoga, etc. These variations keep up the tempo of the members and encourage them to workout often. Check what all activities they offer and decide accordingly.

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