Attention Bronchial Asthma is Life Threatening – Omihub

Respiratory system is one of the vital systems of the body. Any disturbance in this system is this system is very distressing and the stoppage of respiration will lead to death. Respiratory stimulants are used as the last resort when there is sudden stoppage of respiration. System is exposed to the atmosphere directly and the air which is inhaled may carry lots of germs.

What Causes Cardiac Rhythm Disturbances – Omihub

Cardiac rhythm disturbance are the result of altered in impulse generation (automaticity), altered impulse propagation, or both factors acting together. The physiological regulation of automaticity and conduction is derailed. The factors which precipitate arrhythmias include myocardial ischemia with hypoxia and pH and electrolyte abnormalities excessive stretch excessive discharge of endogenous catecholamine’s. Excessive sensitivity to autonomic regulators and excessive exposure to drugs like digitalis and other potentially cardio toxic substance.

Blood The Body’s Internal Immune System – Omihub

Immunity is the ability of the living body or the processes thereof to resist various types of organisms or toxins that tend to damage the tissue and organs.  Immune response is a reaction or response that occurs in the body against a great variety of foreign organic macro molecules. The immune response is referred to as allergy or hypersensitivity in many instances.

Non Edematous Disorders Need Your Attention – Omihub

These uses are based on the secondary effect of diuretics on the absorption of calcium, phosphate, magnesium bicarbonate and glucose from the renal tubules. The conditions in which they may be of benefit are:

  1. Renal tubular acidosis: the thiazides may cause the blood pH, serum bicarbonate and chloride levels to return to normal in the proximal form of this disease,

Sounds That Can Affect Your Hearing

The human ear is an unpredictable and sensitive organ. In spite of the fact that it helps the body stay in parity, it’s essential occupation is to identify and open up sounds. Tragically, uproarious commotions in the earth can harm delicate ear structures, which can prompt transitory and even perpetual listening to misfortune.

Ear Function

Your ear works by getting sound waves in your surroundings and making an interpretation of them into signs your cerebrum can translate.