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These uses are based on the secondary effect of diuretics on the absorption of calcium, phosphate, magnesium bicarbonate and glucose from the renal tubules. The conditions in which they may be of benefit are:

  1. Renal tubular acidosis: the thiazides may cause the blood pH, serum bicarbonate and chloride levels to return to normal in the proximal form of this disease,

Benefits of Jogging Daily – Omihub

The advantages of running simply keep on heaping up. Running is one of the most established and most famous types of vigorous activity. Prevailing fashions travel every which way, yet running has withstood a portion of the trendiest activity rages that have come through the years. There are numerous medical advantages of running which is the reason it has remained so mainstream.

Do Middle Aged Men are More Prone to Cardiac Problems?

For years, heart disease has been associated most prominently with middle aged men. However, recent studies have put this myth to rest. Dr. Robert Beaglehole, WHO Director of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion, states that the old stereotype of cardiovascular diseases affecting only stressed, overweight, middle-aged men in developed countries no longer applies.

Sounds That Can Affect Your Hearing

The human ear is an unpredictable and sensitive organ. In spite of the fact that it helps the body stay in parity, it’s essential occupation is to identify and open up sounds. Tragically, uproarious commotions in the earth can harm delicate ear structures, which can prompt transitory and even perpetual listening to misfortune.

Ear Function

Your ear works by getting sound waves in your surroundings and making an interpretation of them into signs your cerebrum can translate.

Tips to Control the Population Explosion in India

Population blast is the primary impediment to the smooth improvement of the Indian economy. Since this issue is getting extraordinary step by step, it is clear to take fitting measures to hold it under control by bringing down the birth rate.

1. Rise in Per-capita Income:
Demographic history of different propelled nations demonstrates that there is a reverse relationship between per-capita salary and a nation’s introduction to the world rate.

Omihub is Expanding to Mumbai, Nasik and Kerala

Omihub is Expanding to Mumbai, Nasik and Kerala in Coming Months

With the advancement in technology and the advent of the Internet, looking for information and accessing the same has become so much simpler and convenient. Using one’s smartphone, any information can be accessed in a matter of a few seconds. Medical niche is also not an exception to this change. Omihub, one of the prominent medical platforms help specialists and the patients connect with each other for retrieving or providing medical information and help.

Medical Tourism is Booming in Gujarat

Why Medical Tourism is Booming in Gujarat?

Gujarat is experiencing an unprecedented boom in the field of medical tourism. Touted as one of the fastest growing sectors, Medical Tourism has helped major Gujarat cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara and more experience development like never before. There are many reasons behind medical tourism growing by leaps and bounds in Gujarat. Have a look at some of them.