Health Insurance And Why You Need To Invest In It Today

The world today is seeing a dangerous combination of factors related to healthcare. For one, the cost of healthcare is increasing exponentially and two, the number of lifestyle-related diseases are increasing in this generation as compared to older generations. This could be due to the sedentary lifestyles as well as changes in occupations and food habits that result in people getting illnesses at younger ages.

Which is Better Homeopathy or Allopathy

Allopathic medicine, or western medicine, is accepted worldwide and has led to significant advances in healthcare, both preventative and curative medicine. It has also led to the development of different vaccines, antibiotics, antivirals, and other drugs that have significantly increased the life expectancy of people all over the world. It is one of the most widely used and accepted forms of medicine,

Omihub: Breakthrough Platform in Online Medical Consultation

Omihub: Breakthrough Platform in Online Medical Consultation

Internet has virtually made the world very small. A few clicks on your smart phone and you have access to almost any information within seconds. The medical world is also a part of it, helping both doctors and patients connect via digital channel to provide and retrieve medical help and information, respectively.  Omihub – an Online Medical Information portal is one such channel that strives to lessen the gap between the doctors and patients by serving as a platform where patients can associate with the right doctor for their collective welfare.

Omihub Acts As A Booster For Doctors In Gujarat

Omihub Acts As A Booster For Doctors In Gujarat

Internet has changed the way this world functions. Digitalization is the way forward and it has definitely helped in revolutionizing the medical arena. The distance between the patient and the doctor has virtually diminished. Greater and better use of technology has improved healthcare service delivery. Omihub, having a base in Gujarat, boosts the doctor-patient association through its web portal.

Why Do Doctors Need To Create Their Presence Online

Why Do Medical Practitioners Need To Create Their Presence Online – Omihub

With the doctor-patient ratio in India lower than WHO (World Health Organisation) prescribed limit of 1:1000, the physical availability of the physicians is a lot lesser than what it is supposed to be. Due to unavailability of the doctors, the patients have no choice but to resort to internet to seek information and remedies for their ailment.

Find The Right Specialist Today With OmiHub

Don’t Become A Doctor, Find The Right Doctor With OmiHub

Every human being needs a doctor, right from birth till their last breath. And this need increases as we grow older. However, with the advancement of internet it is seen that many people search for treatments and remedies online. According to doctors, this is a dangerous approach and can backfire. It is always advisable to contact a specialist for your health problem and not be a doctor yourself.