Demand for Dental Treatments Increased In Urban Population

Demand for Dental Treatments Increased In Urban Population

Oral health care is a crucial aspect of overall wellbeing of every individual. However, it was majorly neglected in the past, due to various reasons, less awareness being the top one.

Off late, a sharp shift has been observed in the demand for oral health care and dental treatments, particularly in urban population, living in cities. Evidently, the changing demographics and economic circumstances have significantly influenced the demand for dental care.

There are various elements that have led to boost the demand for dental treatments, majorly the lifestyle changes.

  1. Health awareness: The current urbane population is mostly educated (even if not literally, then by observing the people around them) and is aware about the importance of dental hygiene and the role it plays in keeping oneself healthy.
  1. It boosts confidence – The desire to look good and have a beautiful smile is at an all time high amongst urban population. Hence there is a steep rise in the number of people seeking cosmetic dentistry treatment in cities.
  1. Spending power: With the ever changing times, the economic ability to purchase has increased manifolds for the metropolitan society.
  1. Abundant availability of dental services: Oral health care industry is booming and more dentists and dental clinics are around, giving a lot of choices and options for people to select from.
  1. Organized bookings and appointments: With a lot of dental care services nearby, the travel time is less and the appointments can be taken on phone or online in advance, which means minimum wait time. The whole system is more organized and easier to follow.

The dental treatments list is variably wide, majorly repairing, correction and extraction of teeth. Besides, focusing a lot on oral hygiene, many people opt for teeth cleaning and whitening as well. Some of the major dental treatments that many urbane people go for are the following:

  1. Dental cleaning: Dental cleaning is a preventive measure that involves removal of dental plaque from teeth. It helps keeping gingivitis, cavities (dental caries) and periodontal disease at bay, and in turn keeping teeth whiter and brighter. Though regular brushing and interdental cleaning helps in keeping teeth clean and healthy, removing hardened deposits such as tartar can be done only by dental hygienists.
  1. Impants: A dental implant or a fixture is a surgical element that merges with the bone of the skull or jaw to provide support for dental prosthesis like a bridge, crown or denture. In this process, titanium is used to form a strong bond with the bone. It is an advanced technique which is much better than the earlier procedures where the cavities were filled with ceramic and composite that comes off after some time.

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