Go Paperless By Saving Your Medical History Online

Go Paperless By Saving Your Medical History Online

Years of doctor visits, health checkups, various medical and dental treatments, etc. leaves one with mounting paperwork. Saving and filing so much of information properly is a lot of work. Quite often, when we want to look up for a previous health record, we are unable to locate it, because the information and paperwork is scattered all over.

With advancement in science and technology, the best way to store and safeguard your medical history is to put all the information on the web. It provides accessibility to the health records at any time and finding specific information becomes very easy.

One’s family medical history typically is a large file having all the medical information right from the birth to current years. Difficulty in keeping all the documentation at one place, due to too much of paper work that can be misplaced, can lead to loss of crucial information. Thus, it is in best interest to have electronic medical records, which one can access anytime as needed.

Benefits of Saving Medical History Online

  1. Medical records that are saved digitally can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Whether at home, office or traveling.
  2. The data stored online reduces the redundancy.
  3. Electronic medical records contain notably fewer errors than paper records.
  4. Having all the information in place and easily accessible, it is easier for doctors to follow up with the patients.
  5. In case of emergency, these records can provide crucial, life-saving information to the doctors.
  6. Less paperwork and no worries about storage.
  7. Increases efficiency and productivity of health care providers as they have quicker access to patient information.
  8. Overall improvised quality of care for the patients.
  9. All the medical information updated online is secure and safe.

Create an Account for Electronic Medical Record

In order to save your medical history online, all you have to do is create an account with Omihub to register yourself. You can save complete medical history and information for yourself and your family.

Creating an account with Omihub is useful for an individual in many ways.

  • Free registration and data uploading
  • Save the medical history of your entire family online.
  • Access you health records at any time and any place.
  • Contact doctors/physicians in your city listed on Omihub so they can access your medical records online requiring less wait time and less paperwork.
  • Access to Omihub registered hospitals and health care centers.
  • The diagnostic tests done by the labs registered on Omihub updates the data online making it easier for patients to access it.

Register with Omihub and save your entire family’s medical records online and be worry free.

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