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Health care status of the children in India depends on the area/locality/ region they are living. It would be more like going on a wrong track if we consider the all in a single and sole group. If we take a thick edge to categorize the health care concern of children below 5 years of age in India – we would find three key areas:

  1. Children Living in Urban Areas
  2. Children Living in Sub-Urban Areas
  3. Children Living in Backward Areas

Children Living in Urban Areas – Kids living in these areas are prone to lungs and breathing related diseases. It has been revealed by several NGOs and other key health care groups – that he rapid urbanization is giving a lot of trouble to the kids especially below 5 years. Number of kids with asthma and lungs infection are increasing at an alarming speed. However, hygiene and other things are going well with these kids.

Children Living in Sub-Urban Areas – These kids are more prone to seasonal diseases as proper care and precautionary measures remain absent in such areas. The number of deaths registered due to seasonal diseases in children are constantly increasing. This is because of the immunity level in these children. They lack the fighting substance as more or less they suffer from malnutrition and other deficiencies.

Children Living in Backward Areas – It is the brutal truth about the children living in backward areas of India that the rate of new born deaths is at the peak in these areas. No control or check over the hygiene, absence of the health care resources, lack of awareness and many related things are responsible for the miserable condition of the children in these locations. It is a fact that every 6 out of the ten children in backward areas suffer from one or there other life threatening diseases.

Several government led health care programs especially for children have been initiated but here, we need to check whether they are turning effective and positive for the children or not.

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