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Indian health care industry is still in development stage. All it requires to give a boost to Indian medical system is its integration with IT services. The known hospitals and health care facilities has started adopting IT services for different purposes. Here, we have come up with the areas where IT can bring a lot of difference in health care system in the nation. Let’s have a look:

Maintaining the Records – There are a number of software in the market which are capable of storing, capturing and maintaining a huge data records. These records can be related to general information of the patients, confidential documents of the patients, important documents of the health care facilities, bills & insurance document etc. Keeping all the things at sole end and secure is must in health care facilities, and these software can do the same.

Medical Reports – IT services can provide a mechanism to maintain the health report of the patients. These reports can be accessed from any part of the hospitals and can be manipulated as and when required. Thus, doctors can keep the medical report of the patient in center, so that required can be taken by accessing the reports at any point of time by multiple health care takers.

Medication Storage Record – It is quite crucial for the health care facilities to maintain the medication record so that the same can be refilled in time without causing trouble to the patient because of the shortage of the same. Manual handling of such records is risky and there are numerous chances of error. But, the same can be done effectively, quickly and securely with the integration of IT services.

There are certain other areas where IT services can play huge and significant part, but first we need to get the basics done and likewise can step ahead in future.

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