Why Do Doctors Need To Create Their Presence Online

Why Do Medical Practitioners Need To Create Their Presence Online – Omihub

With the doctor-patient ratio in India lower than WHO (World Health Organisation) prescribed limit of 1:1000, the physical availability of the physicians is a lot lesser than what it is supposed to be. Due to unavailability of the doctors, the patients have no choice but to resort to internet to seek information and remedies for their ailment. The large digital pool that one gets access to is unregulated and unrestricted. The data published online may or may not be correct. And in case of medical issues, the risk involves one’s health and life. This risk could be avoided by helping patients connect with the right doctors just when they need them. However, since the doctors are over burdened, booking appointments online can significantly reduce the pressure on them and spare them time to be available to meet the patients desperately looking for their advice.

Omihub – an Online Medical Information portal serves as a bridge between the patients and qualified doctors. It gives a podium to the patients to connect to the right doctors in a congenial environment.

How is Omihub helpful to patients?

Doctors are referred second to God because they are the ones who save millions of lives across the globe. The only thing that can rescue you from that painful malady is an experienced and specialized doctor. Omihub has an array of well-renowned, specialized doctors from all over the country who are there to assist you in leading a healthier life.

Through our web portal, the patients suffering from different illnesses – heart diseases, diabetes, tumor, dental problems, psychological disorders, and many other – can get in touch with accredited doctors. Instead of waiting in long queues at the clinic, one can just book a doctor’s appointment online. The follow up visits also become quite convenient. The user reviews on our web page also gives an insight to work of a doctor or a hospital.

Why is it important for doctors to create online presence?

A village, a town or a city – doctors are busier than ever as a result of low doctor-patient ratio. Due to their busy schedule, the doctors do not get time to address and attend to a lot of patients. Omihub – Online Medical Information Web Portal – is, therefore, here to bridge that gap between the doctor and the patient.

Omihub offers a platform for the doctors to exhibit their knowledge by publishing their research articles, case studies and write blogs for the users to read and be benefitted from. A patient who knows the doctor is well-informed in his area of work will definitely trust him. The medical practitioners can also customize their own webpage, give online appointments and reply to user reviews at their own will. This acts as free digital advertisement for the doctors and their workmanship.

Why choose Omihub?

At Omihub, the users – physicians and patients, all get unrestricted access to hospitals, clinics, specialized doctors, medical suppliers, emergency ancillary services, medical lab and diagnostic centers in their locality. From emergency medical services to getting a second opinion on a terminal illness, Omihub provides information on any medical assistance you require.

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