Omihub Acts As A Booster For Doctors In Gujarat

Omihub Acts As A Booster For Doctors In Gujarat

Internet has changed the way this world functions. Digitalization is the way forward and it has definitely helped in revolutionizing the medical arena. The distance between the patient and the doctor has virtually diminished. Greater and better use of technology has improved healthcare service delivery. Omihub, having a base in Gujarat, boosts the doctor-patient association through its web portal. Accessing the best medical consultant in Gujarat is just a few clicks away now. The doctors also, in turn, are able to service a large number of people with our fast growing Online Medical Information platform.

How do doctors in Gujarat benefit through Omihub?

Omihub provides a one-stop solution to information regarding all the medical emergencies and healthcare services in various towns of Gujarat. Through this forum, the doctors come in contact with a large pool of patients, who can be benefitted from their services. The doctors can publish research papers and case studies, which can be of use to the patients who need guidance related to a similar health problem. This also helps in increasing online visibility of the doctors.

Through Omihub, the doctors can create and customize their individual web pages, with details of practice timings, address and contact information of multiple clinics or hospitals. We also give physicians an opportunity to upload their practice pictures and create a positive impression in the minds of patients. The doctors can also reply to user reviews and give online appointment to patients, saving long wait lines at the clinic.

Omihub is a boon to doctors and patients in Gujarat

Gujarat state has the doctor-patient ratio of 1:1300, which is way lesser than the requisite limit. With our base setup in Gujarat in five cities – Vadodra, Surat, Rajkot, Raigad and Anand – and expanding in Maharashtra starting with Thane, we aim to provide top notch medical information and services to patients and doctors alike. Our ancillary services such as prosthetics, blood unit, emergency air ambulance etc. are of as much use to the doctors as to the patients.

The doctors can also attend various medical camps conducted in their area to provide health information and guidance to their patients. Omihub has details of such medical camps put up on our portal that every registered user can access.

Omihub pioneers in providing utmost health care information and services

Bringing information accessibility at our finger tips, Omihub acts as a pivot to conjugate right patient to the right doctor, hospital or other medical information that a person is seeking. Omihub allows the user to look out for best medical services and facilities in their area, compare various treatment packages and select the one that meet their requirements.

Sharing knowledge and expertise with people in need has expanded its horizon and made Omihub a revolutionary online health care information platform, benefiting patients and doctors alike.

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