Omihub: Breakthrough Platform in Online Medical Consultation

Omihub: Breakthrough Platform in Online Medical Consultation

Internet has virtually made the world very small. A few clicks on your smart phone and you have access to almost any information within seconds. The medical world is also a part of it, helping both doctors and patients connect via digital channel to provide and retrieve medical help and information, respectively.  Omihub – an Online Medical Information portal is one such channel that strives to lessen the gap between the doctors and patients by serving as a platform where patients can associate with the right doctor for their collective welfare.

How does Omihub support patients in finding the right doctor?

Finding health information online is as easy as pie; however, owing to lack of knowledge and expertise, an incorrect remedy can put our health at risk. It is imperative that you get hold of the right doctor for your health issue. There are many other situations when one needs expert advice – taking a second opinion for an illness or scheduling a follow up visit after a surgery.

With so many reputed doctors excelling in different specialties – cardiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, psychiatry, physiotherapy, gynecology, et al finding the right doctor for your ailment is a challenge. This is where Omihub comes to the rescue of patients. It serves as a focal point where one can contact the best doctors for their ailment. It opens up the prospective of searching for the best doctor in your area from the comfort of home. No matter what part of the world you are in, taking a doctor’s appointment is at your fingertips now. What’s more, you can also upload your medical information online so that the doctor gets to know your case even before your visit. Besides, it helps keep your medical information safe and easily accessible for both you and your doctor.

Doctors can reach out and help more patients through Omihub

Omihub brings the doctor and patient correspondence much closer. Through our forum, the doctors can manage web pages of their multiple clinics, providing their location, practice time and availability to the patients. Rather than getting confused with redundant appointments, our web portal allows all the doctors to give online appointments to their patients.

Omihub allows free advertisement for doctors, their clinics and their brand name. It increases their online visibility and reputation through referrals. The doctors can also write medical blogs and publish case studies or research papers on our webpage for free access to the patients around the world. The registered doctors at Omihub also get unlimited access to patients, hospitals, clinics, medical services and diagnostic centers registered with us.

Omihub renders holistic health solutions

Omihub endeavors to provide access to medical expertise in a secure and simple way to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. It empowers people across all walks of life to take informed and better medical decisions and lead a healthy lifestyle. Be it a doctor’s appointment, specialized hospital, emergency ambulance services or getting a health checkup done, Omihub makes the process simpler for you by providing information for all facilities at one place. Omihub aims to revolutionize healthcare services by channeling digital technology for a million healthier lives.

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