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Why Does One Need To Go To A Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy is not a treatment restricted only for athletes, or for the people recovering from an injury. It can, in fact, be used to boost your health in many ways.

Our modernized way of life is taking a toll on our bodies with joint pain, back pain, neck pain, etc. becoming everyday problems. Often, people make use of over-the-counter medicines, generic pain killers, oils and massages to rectify such issues. However, going to a physiotherapist doesn’t occur to anyone until things take a turn for worse, and thence referred by the physician.

Trained professionals that they are, physiotherapists help getting their injured patients back to the level of movement, as much as possible. Whether you injured your back while lifting weights in gym or your neck has sprained due to incorrect sleep posture, physiotherapists can help you correct both the problems and even help you prevent such situations by taking proper postures when walking or sitting in front of a computer.

Listing here are some of the reasons why one may need to visit a physiotherapist.

  1. Getting injured in a sport

If you are a professional sportsperson or play a sport passionately, it is likely that you may get injured at some point of time. Therefore, it is important that you understand the importance of looking after yourself, particularly when you are injured. Consulting a physiotherapist near you gives you a better chance at recovery and quickly help you get back in pre-injury state.

  1. You are in incessant pain

If you have a pain in any body part – neck, shoulder, ankle, etc – and it persists after a few days, affecting your daily movement, you should get in touch with a physiotherapist so that he can identify the problem and help you recover from it with a proper treatment plan. The treatment may include pain education, exercises and massage at a particular point to help you relieve physical stress and prevent it from recurring.

  1. During and after pregnancy

During pregnancy, the hormone levels in a woman change that softens the ligaments which support the back. The pelvic and stomach muscles also stretch as the baby grows inside. You can injure your back or pelvis during this time if the joints are not well supported. With the help of a physiotherapist at the physiotherapy clinic, you can learn the right techniques and exercises to support your body and protect it from the damage as the body goes through these major changes. Physiotherapy also helps you in recovering faster once the baby is born.

  1. Recovery post surgery

A surgery is an intricate process, and there are several complications that need to be looked into carefully for faster recovery. Depending on the type of surgery and the body part it is performed on, there are four major reasons one would need physiotherapy.

  • Prevent blood clotting
  • Mobilization of joints and muscle strengthening after an accident
  • Prevent chest complications after cardiac surgery
  • Prevent pressure sores (bed sores) for bed ridden patients
  1. Starting a new workout form or taking up a new sport

If you intend to take up a new physical activity, like switching from Aerobics to Pilates or from Tennis to Basketball, and you have a history or persistent injury, it is a good idea to consult a physiotherapist near you so that he can help you slowly transition into the new activity.

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