Why You Should Create an Account on Omihub

Why You Should Create an Account on Omihub

Are you a physician, medical health practitioner, medical supplier or a pathological lab and diagnostic center? Are you looking to create or increase your online visibility? Then Omihub is the right place for you. We invite medical professionals to register with us and create their profile on our portal. This helps them to increase their online presence and communicate with patients easily in a professional, unbiased and comprehensive approach.

Omihub, an online medical information web portal bridges the gap between the doctors and their patients. Registering with Omihub allows all the medical practitioners, medical suppliers and ancillary service providers to be visible on a larger platform to the people in need of their services.

Benefits of Registering with Omihub for Doctors

  • Doctors/physicians create their profile exhibiting their degrees, experience and all the achievements through their career span.
  • Give detailed information about contact details, address and working hours, providing clear picture to patients who’ll look up for that information.
  • Doctors can write blogs and publish case studies and research articles carried out by them making it accessible to users and patients.
  • You can customize your own web page within Omihub, give online clinic appointments and reply to testimonials and reviews by other users.
  • Doctors can get free digital endorsement of the services offered by them.
  • Get unrestricted access to hospitals, clinics, ancillary medical services, lab and diagnostic center and patients registered with us.

How Creating an Account with Omihub is Useful for Medical Supplier?

  • List all the products with detailed description that are offered by you.
  • Reach out and intimate your target audience by customizing your webpage.
  • Publish unlimited data with images providing specified information.
  • Avail assistance in banner creation for your company.
  • Get unrestricted access to doctors, hospitals, clinics, lab and diagnostic center and users that are registered with us.

Benefits of Registering a Hospital on Omihub

  • Provide a detailed list of all the services provided by your hospital.
  • Offer list of doctors practicing in the hospital, along with their schedule and working timings.
  • Advertise about any emergency or advanced medical services offered.
  • Get unregulated contact with doctors, labs and diagnostic centers, ancillary service providers, patients and other users.

How Lab and Diagnostic Centers can Benefit by Registering with Omihub?

  • Create online presence by making a customized webpage
  • List all the tests and scans that your centre offers
  • List the health packages offered by your diagnostic center
  • Get detailed information on pre-requisites for certain tests and scans.
  • Users can view the scan and test reports online, providing easy accessibility.

If you are convinced that Omihub is the number one portal to get yourself registered, log to our website and avail the numerous benefits it offers.

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