Tips for Dental Healthcare in Winters

Tips for Dental Healthcare in Winters

Cold winter months not only make our skin dry, cracked and dull, it can cause several oral health problems as well. One reason for this is that cold weather easily dries out the mouth tissues, making it easier for the harmful bacteria to grow. Besides visiting your dentist periodically, taking a few preventive measures can let you enjoy winters without any dental problems.

  1. Use a different toothpaste

Tooth sensitivity increases in winters and the surge of pain you experience when biting into cold food can be unbearable. Using the fluoride based toothpaste or the ones specifically designed for controlling sensitivity can help to a great extent.

  1. Do not over brush

It is a common belief that the more your brush your teeth, the cleaner and healthier your teeth will be. However, frequent brushing can wear off the enamel (the protective coating on tooth) and damage the surface of the tooth. It is recommended to brush your teeth softly, twice a day for 2-3 minutes.

  1. Limit the acid and sugar intake

Sugar and acid break down the delicate enamel that protects the teeth, damaging its surface. This can lead to canker sores in the mouth, although the damage is constantly reversed as saliva in the mouth works wonder. Saliva contains minerals like phosphates and calcium that helps repair teeth. And fluoride is another mineral that helps repair damaged tooth enamel. However, replacing all the lost minerals isn’t possible. Therefore, reducing the amount of sugar and acid intake helps in maintaining oral hygiene.

  1. Breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth

Breathing from the nose, particularly in winters, prevents the cold air from hitting your teeth. And exhaling through the mouth allows the air from the lungs to keep the mouth warm.

  1. Clean and replace your toothbrush regularly

Bacteria breed in wet places, and these bacteria can cause gingivitis and tooth decay. Keeping your toothbrush clean and replacing it every 2-3 months would keep such problems at bay.

  1. Follow a healthy oral care regime

Practice regular home dental care to increase your overall immunity. Make sure your brush your teeth twice every day, and clean your gums and tongue as well to build resistance against bacteria formation and diseases.

  1. Keep your dentist visits regular

Lastly, periodic dental check-ups can safeguard your teeth and maintain overall dental health. Routine cleaning and fluoride treatments keep dental issues at bay. And if there are some cavities, earlier detection can help reduce the damage.

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